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Director of Content and Visualisation

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    Membership Type:ACADEMIC AND INDUSTRY First Name:Thomas Last Name:Makryniotis Headline:Director of Content and Visualisation Occupation:Founder Skills: About / Bio:Thomas has unique experience combining fashion design and digital 3D technologies. He has completed PhD research on the subject of Fashion and Identity in Virtual Environments, and has worked with, and taught, a variety of subjects related to fashion media and fashion technology. Thomas has previously worked as technical supervisor at the Video Games Development MA at the National Film and Television School, and he is currently Subject Leader for Innovative Media Practice at London College of Fashion. He is 3D Prototyping and Content Creation Director at Change of Paradigm, a UK-based fashion company, where he oversees the 3D visualization of garments for e-commerce. He is also founder of ModeCode, a company that offers creative digital solutions for the fashion sector, such as product and store visualization, interactive applications, CAD, digital marketing, and consultancy. Website: Industry:Apparel & Fashion Topics of Interest:
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